Kaiwaka School 2017 Audited Financial Statements

Kaiwaka School Charter 2019

The Board welcomes all new children and their families to the school.  We aim to provide a caring environment where children are supported by parents, staff and the school community to enable them to develop their full potential.  The Board meets monthly, with notification of these meetings in the school newsletter.

The Board members and their contact numbers are as follows:


Adrian Buxton                                    431 2677


Rosemarie Ellis                                  431 2309


Benji Woodman                                  021 180 5693
Blake Worsfold                                   0211489743
Josie Gritten                                       021 234 0519    

Charmaine Tynan                      0212970434     

Staff Rep

Sharlene Tornquist                             431 2309