The Kereru group have got recycling up and running again. The children did a tremendous job at teaching their fellow students about what to recycle and how. The group will empty the bins each week into  yellow recycling bags to be collected on Wednesday morning. [...]

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Kereru Make Cheese

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Kereru Go to Dargaville

Kereru had a fabulous time at the Dargaville Museum. It was a very wild and windy day when we set off. However we were able to admire  the spectacular view from the museum and learn lots about what life was like long ago.  With the [...]

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A Garden is Created

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Kereru’s Chocolate Creations

  Today in Kereru we made some chocolates. First with help from Rachel we melted some chocolate buttons in the microwave. Next we carefully filled some chocolate molds, that were kindly lent to us by Sara. It did not take long for them to set [...]

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Brenda’s Chocolate Slide Show

  Highlight the link below, then right click  and scroll down to, Go to ... This will take you to Brenda's amazing slide show, enjoy!        

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Today Kereru went to the Bennetts Chocolate Factory in Mangawhai. We learnt how chocolate is made and got to have a taste too. Brenda was very brave and tasted some too! To learn more about chocolate read the Kereru children's comments below.

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Kereru Cooking up a Storm

  For Term 1 we have been cooking and of course eating! We will be making a recipe book, which will include all our creations. We hope to make something from our garden too. First we made some Hummus and then some scrumptious Fudge Cake.   Mmmmmmm [...]

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