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A Garden is Created

By |27th October 2014|Kereru, News Flash|1 Comment

Room 4 Celebrate

I am so proud of Room 4 and their ability to Manage Self and their progress in their learning this Term. I decided to throw a impromptu celebration. Here are a few pictures of the craziness.  

By |18th September 2014|News Flash, Room 4|4 Comments

Mothers Day by Sammy

Have a listen to Sammy read her recount about Mothers Day. Make sure you comment! Click here to listen..... mothers day sammy

By |18th May 2014|News Flash, Room 4|1 Comment

Dr Seuss’ Birthday

Hi Everyone, Come and check out the library display around Dr. Seuss books.  Sara has done a wonderful job showing the variety of Dr. Seuss books covering a whole range of characters.

By |7th March 2014|General, Library, News Flash|6 Comments

Kaiwaka School

Room 5 showing you their favourite places around Kaiwaka School.  

By |24th November 2013|News Flash, Room 5|0 Comments

Calf Club Day

Here are some photos from Ag day.  

By |25th October 2013|General, News Flash, Room 5|1 Comment


Wow. thanks to the PTA we have new tablets for all our students. Each class has a set and the children to practise their spelling, reading and basic facts.

By |10th September 2013|News Flash|0 Comments
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